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WeiLi Duan-Young,


Founder of Athena Sisterhood

A proud Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Board Certified Behavior Analyst, and loving soul to grow with you on this journey in the sisterhood. She is currently working on her memoir.

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"This world needs the love and connections of a Sisterhood now more than ever."
- WeiLi Duan-Young, Founder of Athena Sisterhood
Our 4 Values: 

Sharing Feminine Intuition Generationally

We value learning collectively and using the knowledge passed down from previous generations.


We utilize the intelligence gifted to the sacred core of being a woman.

Come Join Our Writing Club!

Weekly on Thursdays, 8:30 pm-9:30 pm EST. Write to our weekly prompt! Not critiquing, just holding space.

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Words from Our Sisters 

Julie, Goddess of Flight

I love the Athena sisterhood for the sisters I have met, for the bonds we have formed, the tools we learn together, and regularly practice. I am becoming more confident, am gaining more clarity as to my purpose, dreaming bigger, and owning it. 

Joanna, Goddess of Magic

Athena Sisterhood is an oasis where we can find support, love, respect, inspiration, collaboration and opportunities to grow... I am a better woman and a better soul because of the Athena Sisterhood.

Serena, Goddess of Stories

Athena Sisterhood helped me to journey and find parts of me that I never expected could blossom. I have gained confidence in my own abilities and learned profound wisdom that never knew was possible! In this sisterhood, I have truly found myself. 

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