A Global Community of Feminine Strength
  • Are you a professional woman who doesn’t know if you will ever find your king?


  • Are you a career woman in a loving relationship and the passion and spark is gone?


  • Do you feel alone in your spiritual journey and haven't discovered your life purpose?

This is a safe space where together you can find women on a life journey similar to yours and collectively rise up.

We are a global sanctuary for sisters to come, grow and shine!



Proud Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and Board Certified Behavior Analyst  

Born and raised in the People’s Republic of China, Mrs. Duan-Young relocated to the United States in 1992 and received a Master’s degree in Behavior Psychology.  Her work has been published in psychological journals including The Journal of Applied Behavioral Analysis and Behavioral Interventions.  

She founded and led one of the largest mental health agencies in Central Florida for 16 years. In 2011, she was appointed by Orlando Mayor as an Ambassador to China and was received by President Clinton. 

In 2014, she founded the Doris Duan-Young Autism center in Dubai which has a staff team from 16 different countries. 

She is the author of 3 best-sellers in the field of Autism.

Mrs. Duan-young was invited to speak at Harvard University on topics of "Success and Happiness"(2014) and "Leadership Development: Success is a science; Fulfillment is an art."(2016). 

In life, Mrs. Duan-Young is a truth-seeker. She has traveled far to learn from the great teachers in Spirituality Awakening and Divine Femininity, including Wisdom Schools in India and Master Mantak Chia’s Tao Garden in Thailand. Her teachers and mentors include Tony Robbins, Regina Thomashauer, Margot Anand, Sheila Kelley, David Deida, Donny Epstein, Dr. Mary and Ron Hulnick, Alison Armstrong, Deepak Chopra and so many more.


In 2020, during COVID-19, she founded Athena Sisterhood, a platform of a global community of feminine strength.  Her vision is to create a safe place for global sisters to come, grow and shine.  Mrs. Duan-Young credits her husband of 29 years and their two children:  Serena and Norden for both her personal and professional success. "Their love and support inspires me daily," she says, "so I continue to look for ways to make the world a better place!”

Go to her website at weiliduanyoung.com.

Photo credit to Grace + Wonder Photography

Why are we called Athena Sisterhood?


As Deepak Chopra said in one of his recent articles “The Divine Feminine and the Power to Change the World”: ‘We find ourselves in a drastic state of imbalance because one entire half of the human psyche, the feminine, has been suppressed, violated, or ignored. But if you look at the Greek goddesses—Aphrodite, Hera, Athena, Demeter, and more—each symbolizes a divine feminine energy that must be included in a complete human being...’ 


Since visiting Greece, Athena, the Goddess of WISDOM, COURAGE, INSPIRATION and PEACE have entered my heart. These are the foundational values of our sisterhood. 


It has been a deep desire of mine to hold space for global sisters. To help us heal, unite, and BE THE LIGHT together. No woman goes through life without struggle: We all need to heal. But we need to heal ourselves first before we can be the light for others. Athena Sisterhood is a safe place where we can help each other become our Athena Goddess to help the world. 


Sisters, we are the light to combat the negativity and darkness in the world. The COVID-19 is an example of challenges the world is facing now, so in order to be the light, our Athena Sisterhood will rally together. Sisters, we are the force for good in this time of suffering. 


So welcome my beautiful Athenas!! This world needs the love and connections of a sisterhood more than ever. 


Let’s BE THE LIGHT, sisters! 

Love, WeiLi❤️

Why a Sisterhood?

It's important for sisters to have a home!

A place where we feel safe.

Safe to be ourselves, to cry, to shatter into pieces, and not worry about being judged.

A place where we can look into ourselves and find that all we need is already within ourselves. We'll grow together, heal together and fight together. The world needs us more than ever to lead and become the light. This is a platform for us, the lightworkers, to do our magic!! Athena Sisterhood is here to help elevate the conscious level of humanity. A platform to help light the world.

We are the change we want to see in the world!

 "It's important for sisters to have a home! A place where we feel safe. Safe to be ourselves, to cry, to shatter into pieces and not worry about being judged."

Why do we call ourselves Goddesses?


A name is a very powerful thing.

If you can own up to your Goddess name, then you can draw that power from it.

Every woman has an inner Goddess name.

We select our names based on how it is calling to us. Your Goddess name can describe your inner self, your talents, your personality, your desires, or anything else entirely. 

Once you define your Goddess name, let yourself accept it truly and fully. You don't need to explain it to anyone except yourself. 

Understand that having a Goddess name does not mean being full of yourself. It is about acceptance, strength and vulnerability. 

​What is your Goddess name?