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Goddess Offerings


Quantum is customized healthcare for individual needs. We provide free consultations to assess, restore and maintain your natural hormone balance and nutritional needs.


We perform life-changing procedures such as Mona Lisa Touch and Platelet rich plasma for female sexual health. This healthcare solution through diet, exercise and hormone balance is paramount to traditional medicine. We specialize in thyroid optimization and LDN for autoimmune disorders.

Changing the health of the world one patient at a time.

Suelyn Hall, MD Urologist, Founder of Quantum Health and Wellness Center

If you’re new to dating and don’t know where to start, if you’re on dating apps and only attracting losers, if Covid is making you long for connection and if you’re fearful because you don’t want to end up alone, let’s talk.

I’m Elizabeth Tritsch, dating attraction expert, founder and dating coach with Dare To Date Differently.


I’ll put the fun and sassy back into dating, you’ll date intentionally and uncover that wild part you secretly always wanted to express but never dared to. 


You might blush at the exercises I suggest but I’ll be by your side and you’ll feel SO turned on after trying them.  More importantly, as a result you’ll become desirable to yourself.

Reach out to me and let’s have a conversation at


Elizabeth Tritsch, Founder and dating coach


 Phyllis Goughnour


Hedge Fund that offers a fixed rate of return in an up or down market. Our Passion Creates Prosperity.

My clients often tell me they are drawn to me because of our shared experiences of a trauma background, and also because I feel like a safe harbor to them. Having lived through trauma as a child and then experiencing re-traumatization as an adult, I developed a lot of resilience and the ability to be with these hard processes in a way that allows me to continue to more swiftly and easily transform them as time goes on.


Because of this journey, I’ve devoted my life to healing myself. Along the way, my life’s calling became clear that I am here to guide others to deeply heal and transform their lives.


That is the essence of the work I do in the world. I help people feel safe enough in their bodies through mindfulness and loving presence that they can uncover deeply buried experiences and nervous system responses/reactions so that they can be seen and healed.


Alex Alexander, Founder


Claudette Anderson

Claudette Anderson

I’m am the Truth Facilitator, Lover of Your Soul and The Ancient Knowledge, Warrior for Your Freedom, Intuitive, CEO, best selling author, and business owner who is passionate for everyone to remember their true power and purpose. Let’s eliminate the thoughts that paralyze us from taking action or enjoying life to the fullest. I speak to your soul and I call you to remember who you really are. Not the crap that runs through your mind making you feel less than who you are.  

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Joanna Mercado

Joanna is a unicorn, her purpose in life is help and support woman to be the BEST version of themselves, raise and shine! She worked in 4 continents and coached more than 4000+ people in 25+ countries. After coaching and training Extraordinary teams and leader sin Fortune 500 companies like Goodyear and PepsiCo, Joanna started her own business where she is helping busy driven woman to claim their leadership, be unapologetically them and have it all starting with peak health to enjoy success, family, love and LIFE!

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Joanna Mercado


Veenu K. Keller, BS, CLC, CBC (parent/family kids/children coach)

Drawing upon her experience (professional and personal), Veenu has created a 4-day program called the In-Home TurnAround. This program allows Veenu to move in with a family for 4 days, help bring peace back in the home, have the parents back in charge and create a more passionate relationship between the parents.   Some have called her the kid/family whisper.  Veenu has a dynamic way of getting the kids and parents to be real, raw and vulnerable, which allows Veenu to help not only mend the gaps with their kids and parenting skills, but also the relationship between both parents. 


Through the lessons/gifts Veenu has received from her past, it has helped her to be a huge advocate to make our society BullyProof. In order to do this, she speaks at schools, conferences, any platform to teach how to improve our self-worth, self-esteem and change our story. 

Veenu is a best-selling author for the following 2 books

BULLYPROOF: Unleash the Hero Inside Your Kid, as well as her #1 Best –Selling Book Numb.

And check out her book: Teach Your Children They Are Enough: 3 - Proven Steps to Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem and The Best Version Of You Journal/Calendar​.

Click here for a free 30-minute session with Veenu 


For more information, visit

Hire Didi Wong for Courses, Mentorship and Speaking Engagements.


- Oprah Magazine featuring Didi Wong as “Woman Who Means Business”


- WEF’s National Council of Women, Egyptian Government, Honors Didi Wong’s Achievements with “Recognition & Excellence” Award


- WEF’s “Women of the Decade” Award in Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital


- Speaker at the United Nations Global Entrepreneurship Initiative

- Founder and CEO of The Yes Academy, a results and success driven educational program for entrepreneurs, focusing on confidence, connections and cash flow


- Executive Producer for "Incase You Didn't Know" with Robert Kiyosaki on Amazon Prime Video

- Producer of “Speak Up” TV Show on Amazon Prime Video

- Guest Judge of #1 Digital Business Show “Entrepreneur Elevator Pitch”


- Speaker in Feature Feature Documentary Movie “Impact” to be released early 2020


- Best Selling Author of “Success Breakthroughs” with Jack Canfield


Didi Wong, Founder and CEO of The Yes Academy

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Ginger Hart, Certified relationship and sexuality coach

Ladies Only & Private Couples Intensives-


Ginger Hart leads total immersion private intensives for women and couples wanting to (re)connect more deeply in their love lives.  She creates custom offerings for both individuals and couples, based on their specific relationship and intimacy goals.  


She will help you understand the universal differences between the psychological development of men and women and how this is the source of so many of our most common relationship problems.  


Ginger will also assess how you are uniquely wired for intimacy.  Her scientific approach helps both men and women breakdown a fine tuned 1, 2, 3 process to turn on their lover…And she will help you get clear on the individual 'deal breakers' that can short circuit your intimate connection.


These are the things that no one ever taught us!  


How can we expect to be successful in this sensitive area, when we’ve never really taken a deep dive into our own desires, needs, and the prerequisites we have, like the need to feel safe?  These are the things that must be handled first, before you begin to explore your own edges and dip your toes into the art of seduction (building desire in another)!


Click here to set up a call to see what magic is coming your way!

Suze is a business coach and trauma therapist with 20 years of entrepreneurship as a shipbuilder and innovation and leadership expert as background. She helps heart-centered entrepreneurs grow their business and their impact so their full potential (the one your soul came to this earth with ;-) ) is freed without compromising your family, your relationships, your values or your bank balance. She takes you deep into your subconscious money blocks and creates permanent change and nothing less than a life of fulfillment and true freedom on all levels. 

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Suze Maclaine Pont



Patricia M. Marseille is an executive coach and leader with years of experience enhancing the performance of lives all around her using self-mastery tools. Her background encompasses a wide range of programs and initiatives for individual development, team building, and facilitation. Additionally, she’s a self-love coach. Helping women master themselves through self-love.

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Patricia Marseille

Legacy Creative

Andrea Reindl is a single mom of two who has been running a business for 23 years. Like anyone who really understands what it means to be a business owner, she will tell you that the real magic happens not in photoshoots or in fancy dresses, but in that hands-in-the-clay, staying-up-all-night, hard-work-to-ecstasy moments that make it all worthwhile.  

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Andrea Reindl

Mind Moves, a Washington-DC based consultancy specializing in Organizational Change Management, helps organizations to transform and sustain through waves of turbulent change.


Led by Certified Change Expert Nicole Sroka, Mind Moves develops organizations through mindful strategies in communication, training, and stakeholder engagement across all industries in business and government.


Using a structured and holistic approach, employees are able to bolster change resilience and skillfully navigate uncertainty to achieve desired results. More than ever, organizations need change-ready skills to adapt, survive, and thrive through transition.


Nicole Scroka, Founder and Certified Change Expert


Leveraging over 25 years working directly with women business leaders in 17 countries, Connie Osterholt has synthesized her experience as a senior executive, a strategy coach and mentor to high-net-worth businesswomen in 10+ industries, public/private board members and successful entrepreneurs. She has been consistently focused on the power of feminine energy in negotiations, networks and the nuanced areas of business leadership. 

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Connie Osterholt

Serena has traveled to 35+ countries and volunteered over 1700+ hours of community service. She is an assistant teacher in ZhangDeFeng Space, a Chinese platform with over 10 million members, where she co-taught an online course to over 12k live viewers on conscious parenting. Serena has 3M+ views on Google reviews and is a teen speaker on global platforms such as the Global Youth Mindset Summit and The Conscious Leader. She is the President-elect of her branch's National English Honor Society and the Director of Advertising and Co-editor for her school's newspaper, Twice-Told Tale, an award-winning publication winning first in the nation for its category. Serena is a coach at Maccabee Academy and she started her personal development journey at the age of seven by attending Tony  Robbins' Unleash Your Power Within

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Serena Young


Karen Williams, International speaker, Author and Coach

International speaker, author and wisdom teacher. Supporting and coaching parents and educators for 22 years on how to create happy and empowered families and classrooms.


Creation and delivery of specialist workshops to extend parents knowledge into understanding themselves as an individual, the dynamic they bring to their primary relationship with their partner (or ex), and how this impacts their children. Assisting and supporting parents to re-create their family unit into a place of success rather than defeat.

Educating parents on fostering relationships where they feel empowered and have all the tools they need to understand and appreciate their children. Helping parents expand their knowledge of their role as both figurehead and cheerleader of the family. Development of courses to empower children and youth that gives them all the skills to grow feeling worthy and loved and become adults that make a difference to this world.

Courtney is an international speaker and tax strategist. She has been speaking for a number of companies and individuals for the past several years. She can teach your business, organization, or team the fundamentals of Tax Strategy. Courtney can also show your team why it is important to be in the business, build the business, attend training, and promote all while being tax-deductible.

For more info:

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Courtney Epps


Jolynn Swafford

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Jolynn Swafford is an online business expert and joy evangelist.  She helps her clients hear their calling and teaches them how to become influential so they can make a lasting impact on the world.  Her coaching programs teach the step-by-step on how to build a personal brand, solidify your message and earn money so that you can further your message.  All of her work is based on the foundation of joy.  Joy is the fuel for your rocket to your infinite potential!  She offers online, group coaching and individual programs.  She has been featured on the Tony Robbins Podcast and the Success Resources Podcast in addition to dozens of other media appearances.  She also spent 22 years as a healthcare executive and sales executive for global giants like Oracle, EY, Gartner and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Jolynn is a wife, mom of a blended family of 4 teenagers, and a church and community leader with over 25,000 followers.  She lives in Huntington Beach, CA with her family, 3 dogs and a cat.

Almi is a mom of 3, wife, engineer and entrepreneur, her passion is to help mom-preneurs to break free from stress and guilt so that they can live a fulfilled life at work, with family and with themself. After she did it for herself, she found freedom and joy learning she could have it all.


In her 8 weeks signature program, Almi will coach you through the most important things in life: Practicing Selfcare, Setting healthy boundaries, Working on your limiting beliefs, Support and share usable and practical tools for you to take action and start having it all as well.


This 8 weeks coaching program is designed to fit every lifestyle. It will offer you priceless strategies and tools to build and maintain peaceful relationships with your family. It will allow you, guilt free, to thrive in your business while being the best mom for your kids. And more importantly it will give you confidence, strength and energy. Your perfect balance between work, family and yourself. After all YOU DESERVE TO HAVE IT ALL!


Almi Johni, Mindset Coach

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Deborah Kraemer has been using her energy, intelligence and creativity to make the most of her resources since starting her first business at age 22. She has a special talent for turning a passionate interest into a business designed for niche markets and exploiting all the opportunities this provides.


This gift has not only given her a life filled with rich experiences but provided her customers, students and fellow entrepreneurs with on-of-a-kind products and lessons they can use all of their lives. Deborah’s gift for sharing has enabled her to build supportive groups both within her local community and in countries around the world.


She is perhaps best known as a scent professional who builds scent pallets for product lines that promote a unique sense of well-being for users of all ages. Tonight, she is here simply to share with us how we can create our own scent memories.

Deborah Kraemer

From a small town in Southeast Missouri, Jen Zoë had always been fascinated with horses, her first experience was to ride a Budweiser Clydesdale at the age of 4. Her career with horses, however, did not begin until the age of 30. After a few lessons at a traditional barn, Jen discovered “natural horsemanship”, a way of training horses that put the horse first and developed a relationship with the animal. She realized there was something to this and quickly developed her career with horses by studying with some of the best horsemen in the world. In 2011, she attended a UPW and was blown away at the parallels between her trainings with horses and what Tony was teaching with humans. The similarities were profound and Jen knew the worlds of horses and personal development needed to be brought together.

Over the next decade, Jen immersed herself in understanding the deeper way horses teach humans. And after years of research and training, Jen launched Zenerjen and her Equine Assisted Empowerment programs using horses rescued from abuse and neglect to help transform lives of people with their own stories. Jen is now looking to move to a new facility that can continue this critical mission to save the more than 80 thousand horses sent to slaughter every year and impact more lives with her online programs, seminars and retreats.


Jen Zoë Hall


“I had a former belief aka story that I was broken, something was wrong, and it, or I, needed fixing. I moved through the world, for years, cloaked with my masculine armor of independence; doing, achieving and yet still aching and longing for this missing part of myself. My life's mission is to ‘restore dignity among humanity and earth’ and quite suddenly, one day, just like great ironies reveal themselves, I realized that my life's work required first and foremost the restoration of my own feminine. Who was I unveiled in my authentic, unapologetic, vulnerable and courageous feminine self?

My experience is that this unveiling is simple and requires little or no words, just a raw, honest and gentle recognition of the full range of one's emotions and an honor to give them space to breathe in the somatic movement of one's body.

Will you join me in your unapologetic reclamation?

Jessica Bensley

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