Two Golden Parallel Lines

It was February 1, 2021. The sun will be up soon. Sitting comfortably on our earthy green-colored cushions on the living room carpet, Samuel and I just finished listening to a Hay House guided meditation together. We are facing the big sliding glass door, ready for the sunrise on the lake.

As I take another deep breath, feeling serenity within, I see two golden parallel lines starting to appear out of the dark sky. Two short lines at first, but they are becoming bright and strong against the dim canvas and can not be ignored. They begin to grow together, widening as the horizon starts to brighten and the world is getting ready to wake up.

The surroundings are still so quiet. Early birds are not even out yet.

I turn to look at Samuel. He is also soaking in the natural wonder of the morning magic. With a black baseball cap on, he is just so adorable.