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I cut my own hair...

After four intensive days at Tony Robbins’s Leadership Academy serving as a senior leader, I woke up energized.

It was 7:00 am and I decided to cut my hair.

If you ask me to describe which part of my body makes me feel sexy, I would probably say my hair. I love the feeling of how my long, wavy, black hair falls like a waterfall and touches my bare skin.

For about five years, I got used to a hair routine. Every six weeks, dye, trim, condition and style in a boutique salon that is 15 minutes from my home. I used to purposefully time my travel schedule just to come home and get a haircut from my favorite hairdresser. I won’t let any other hairdressers touch my hair.

Three and a half hours of chatting and $192 dollars later, I always feel even more sexy and glamorous.

In 2020, everything changed, my last hair cut was in February right before COVID-19 hit. Since then, the Florida governor ordered the beauty salons to remain closed for months.

It has been eight months and my hair has grown to my waist, past my tolerance level. When would the situation change? I didn’t know but I didn’t want to wait any longer.

Time for a change and to take destiny into my own hands.

With a smile, I took the scissors and pulled the hair close to my face.

I tried just to trim a little bit initially to see how I felt.

Curious, excited, uncertain, hesitant, nervous but not too much.

What could be the worst scenario? I ask myself. People probably won’t even notice the difference on Zoom calls.

Is it hard to make a decision? To me, the answer is no. People just have to reach a point that NOT making a decision is painful.

I got braver as I trimmed a little more hair off, trying to recall how my hairdressers cut my hair in the past.

She always did the back portion first, then made her way to the front.

I told myself that I am not a newbie to cutting hair. It is true that I haven’t cut my own hair before, but I have seen it cut hundreds of times in my life. All I need to do is to follow the role model in my mind.

I closed my eyes, brought those memories closer. When I opened my eyes, I was much more confident and ready to chop more hair off!!

Cutting my hair wasn’t hard, it is just that I never had the DESIRE!!

The results proudly showed itself. My hair went back to pre-COVID time, the perfect length!

Serena came downstairs really impressed. Samuel too. (But he would always say that I am beautiful no matter what, so I take Serena’s beauty evaluation much more seriously.)

“Wow, mom, impressive. There’s even layers.”

“Mmhmm.” I imitated a teenager’s sassy attitude just for fun.

So simple, just like that, I found a new solution to my much-simplified life.

No hairstylist is needed.

Bought a natural hair-dye product and asked Samuel to put it on my hair. It is not that I couldn’t figure out how. I just enjoy being pampered by my King.

Shampoo, wash, condition. The whole process took 45 minutes.

No driving needed. No scheduling required.

2020 has been the best year for me, in the sense that I know EXACTLY what I need to do every day. I am centered like never before.

Do I still have fear? Absolutely. But I understand both Fear and Faith are two imaginary words. Completely different emotions though. When fear comes in, I choose FAITH.

When my hair grows too long for my liking and circumstances are out of my control, a small scissor gives me power, fun and joy! Who would have known without trying!!

This year, I have learned to listen more to the voice within.

How I look is just not that important to me anymore. In its place, I care about how I feel.

As I am turning 50 in a couple of weeks, I am still learning to not take myself so seriously.

Life is much more joyful if we live lightly.

I used to buy luxury bags and shoes to fit in. And those glamorous evening gowns that couldn’t be worn to the next social party because everyone has already seen it. It might sound ridiculous now, but that was a part of me for many years.

Sometimes until we experience it, we don’t really understand what the treasure is in our lives: family and friends who have the same values.

Looking into the mirror, I smile.

Young, sexy, confident, full of joy and curiosity.

Grand and Beautiful. That is what I see.

Nice hair cut, WeiLi!!

What else could stop me?




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