After our RV flipped...

*Please enjoy this incredible, hooking piece from our guest blogger, Serena Young*

“Blank Space'' by Taylor Swift eerily played in the wake of our crash. No one moved. The trailer had flipped. The first to come to my senses, I opened the door.

We had been driving down the windy Highway 287 to Norris, Montana. Coming upon a turn, a strong gust made our trailer start to fishtail. Hooked to the back of our SUV, the trailer violently swerved back and forth gaining speed as we descended down the hill, jerking our car along with it. Dad strained against the steering wheel, narrowly missing two cars and stomping the brake to the floor. Wrong move. The fishtailing became uncontrollable as we were tossed in our seats right and left. Screams and gasps cut through the air, my mind not quick enough to comprehend what was happening. Just as suddenly, it all stopped.

We had crashed beside the road next to a grassy hill. My emotions still frozen, I clicked pause and opened my door. Not getting out, I just needed to confirm we wouldn’t be trapped inside. Too many movies helped me make the move.