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Land has Boundaries, Energy does Not

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

I was born in Shandong, grew up in Shanghai, and have now lived in America for nearly 30 years. I came to the USA in 1992 to study psychology and went back and taught feminine leadership in China for four years in 2015.

Today, I was asked by Horasis, an international think tank, to speak about business women bridging the division between the US and China. However, understanding both worlds, I don’t see division in women. I only see unity.

Feminine energy is about connection, community and sharing, while masculine energy is about focus, execution and competition. We have both feminine and masculine energy in our bodies, but the challenge for us, as modern business women, is that most of us have been living in the male dominant society for so long. Our bodies are used to using male energy to achieve more and more so that our feminine energy has been largely suppressed.

This challenge is not only in us, as women business leaders, but also our world at large.

As Deepak Chopra once said, “We find ourselves in a drastic state of imbalance because one entire half of the human psyche, the feminine, has been suppressed, violated, or ignored.”

The antidote is love, peace and serenity.

No woman goes through life without struggle and hurt. We need to heal and grow ourselves first before we can really be the light for other women. Being a business woman in America, I experienced loneliness until I was 41 years old, when I started to look for another way of living, a feminine way of living.

I used to pride myself for being really tough. To never show my vulnerability, to be able to handle anything, to work harder than everyone. I had an image to keep up and it was a very tiring life. We as women keep giving out and serving others, but we don’t really take the time to refill ourselves after being left empty. That is when sisterhood comes in. Through Athena Sisterhood, we have created a global community of women of lightworkers, energy healers and badass business leaders. We raise each other up. We serve each other. And we empower each other. Athena Sisterhood has four pillars: Wisdom, Courage, Inspiration and Peace.

This world needs the love and connection of a sisterhood now more than ever. It is not only a few brave women. It is every single woman that steps into their radiance and their courageous self. There is no competition in true sisterhood. The culture of a global sisterhood is about women finding a voice within themselves to make a real and positive difference and bring balance into a world that seems out of balance.

Women are now taking riskier roles as they are refusing to stay in the shadows. When women own up to their role not just as a businesswoman, but also as daughters, mothers and sisters, and shine their lights, the world becomes a better place.

Let’s become a beacon of Divine Light and help raise the vibration of all mankind.

Land has boundaries, energy does not.

Let’s BE THE LIGHT, sisters.


Founder of Athena Sisterhood


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