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Life is an Infinite Game

On the Grandfather mountain top, surrounded by hundred-year-old trees, while Samuel and the kids went on a five-hour hike in the rain, I soaked in Simon Sinek’s newest book “The Infinite Game”.

His words really touched my heart: “A signpost stands at a fork in the road. Pointing in one direction, the sign says ‘Victory.’ Pointing in another direction, the sign says ‘Fulfillment.’ We must pick a direction. Which one will we choose?

“If we choose the path to Victory, the goal is to win!

We will experience the thrill of competition as we rush towards the finish line.

Crowds gather to cheer for us and then it’s over. And everyone goes home (Hopefully we can do it again.)

If we choose the path to Fulfillment, the journey will be long. There will be times in which we must watch our step, there will be times we can stop to enjoy the view. We keep going, we keep going, crowds gather to join us on the journey. And when our lives are over, those who joined us on the path to fulfillment will keep going without us and inspire others to join them too.

After reading these words, my big sister, Alex, Goddess of Aloha, shared her insight: this is just like the Hero’s Journey and Heroine’s Journey.

Mama Gena from the School of Womanly Arts is one of my beloved teachers. Five years ago, with 900 women in a feather decorated theater in Miami, I was blessed to listen to her wisdom for the first time.

She described a concept that was totally foreign to me: Heroine’s Journey. I only heard about Hero’s Journey back then.

In a Heroine’s Journey, every woman needs a sisterhood. She described a life journey where an everyday woman just goes about her business, then all of a sudden something happens in life that gets her into a rupture. This life event could be a divorce, losing a child, getting fired from a job; an event that shakes her world. The heroine shares the rupture with sisters in the sisterhood; honestly, vulnerably with total transparency. Her sisters rally around her to support her and build her up. She takes massive action and goes higher from there. This is the way that the Heroine keeps experiencing life. Life is just unfolding as it is.

Recently I was asked to speak about how Athena Sisterhood started and how I grew it to be nearly 1.3K women in six months.

The truth is, it wasn’t really my DOING. IT IS BEING DONE. It’s not the force of one person, it is the collective force of sisters, love and the universe.

Athena Sisterhood was started in response to the light workers' call of “being the beacon of light” during COVID-19. And my motivation to do the daily FB live in the Athena group every morning was so Serena could see mommy’s face while fighting illness when she was self quarantining.

Athena’s sisterhood was born out of a desire to serve in times of need. And for Athena Sisterhood to continue to grow, we, Athena Angels, have an infinite mindset.

Who are the Athena Angels?

It started in April 2020, a little over a month after Athena Sisterhood was born, I received a FB messenger from Julie, Goddess of Flight. She thanked me for starting the Athena Sisterhood in this pandemic and bringing sisters to a higher place through my daily FB Live. Out of her willingness to serve the sisterhood, Athena’s Angels group was born!

Fast forward, it has been seven months, and more Angels have joined -- to grow, to shine, to play in this infinite game of lives together.

One of the newest Angels that was invited to come on board is Hilde, Goddess of Planting Seeds, from Norway. She reached out to me in her first Whatsapp message offering to take care of the logistics of the operations while I am focusing on writing my memoir. She has worked as a COO in her last company for 15 years leading a global team.

I said THANK YOU to the universe and choked up. Yes, writing this memoir has been the most challenging thing for me so far.

Sometimes the little voice in my head is just criticizing and judging, trying its hardest to distract me. Her name is FEAR. Fear of not being a good enough writer; fear of missing out on the actions that I love (connecting, speaking and inspiring lives); fear of not doing enough for the sisterhood; and sisters could be disappointed in me.

Yet I have this unshakable FAITH, knowing that Divine won’t plant this seed of a memoir without sending me the exact help that is needed.

Just like the universe is sending me a message through Simon’s The Infinite Game book!

We come and we go, we are born and we die, and life still continues with us or without us.

Writing this book is like giving birth to a baby.

I had an idea of birthing a book when I was 25, after buying my first house, so proudly, wanting to share the incredible journey that led to me living an American dream. That book was never conceived.

25 years later, this book has been conceived.

I even manifested two amazing BOOK DOULAS: Candie, Goddess of Courage, and Serena, Goddess of Stories. What incredible gifts that I have been showered with! Thank you, Angels!!

Yes, I am scared like any new mom would be. I have no control over what this baby is going to look like, just like Serena and Norden. These two couldn’t be more different in personality, and they both are here to teach me what life is about.

One is LOVE, one is JOY.

So this new baby is here to teach me to SURRENDER.

When I am gone, she will continue to grow and contribute to the circle of life. She will inspire more dreams to be born.

Our lives are finite, but life itself is infinite.

As I am typing these words, my heart is filled with gratitude: Athena’s Angels are beautiful examples of sisters who are willing to play the infinite game of life.

Let me end this blog with Sinek’s wisdom:

“To live our lives with an infinite mindset is to live a life of service. When it is our time to leave the game, we will look back at our lives and our careers and say: ‘I lived a life worth living.’ Courageous leaders are strong because they know they don’t have all the answers and they don’t have total control. They do, however, have each other and a visionary to guide them.”

Love to all,


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