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"Light in To Kill a Mockingbird"

“Honey, have you finished reading this book?” I asked.


“Was it good?”

“Yes. I liked it.”

That is how I picked up “To Kill a mockingbird” from a small table in our RV, a book that Serena just finished.

The story takes place in a small town in Alabama at the turn of the last century.

Through the eyes of an innocent young girl, the prejudice of the South poured out from the paper. The book sold more than forty million copies worldwide and was translated into more than forty languages.

The main character is the little girl’s father, a nearly 50-year-old local defense attorney named Atticus. He risked everything he had to defend Tom, a black man accused of raping a nineteen-year-old white girl, Mayella.

Reading this award winning book made me think about the Black Life Matters movement. Nearly a hundred years later, prejudice, discrimination and separation still exist in American society today. Yet at the same time, as a society, we have also made so much progress..

Our 5 month RV trip has taken my family across many states in America. Each state almost felt like a different, small country, especially during COVID time. Each has its own policies and procedures set in place. Yet, throughout the whole trip, there was one thing in common that was not separated by geography. It was the human spirit.

We have seen, felt and experienced kindness everywhere.

When there is darkness, there’s light.

Just like in “To Kill a mockingbird”. Tom never had a chance to live the moment Mayella made the accusation, but there were still people in town who believed he was innocent. Atticus, the judge, Atticus’s neighbor, Tom’s boss and more.

May us all be the light, let’s shine wherever that is needed.




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