True Love

Recently, the father of a sister from Athena Sisterhood had passed away. I could feel the deep love she had for her father and what an extraordinary man he was. They called him the rock of the family.

I would not describe my dad the same way. When I was growing up, I looked down on Dad. Memories surrounding him carried deep pain and trauma.

Nine years ago, I had embarked on my own healing journey about practicing forgiveness and true acceptance. Now, I can see my father through a different set of eyes. I have compassion for all the pain he went through.

Dad was born in 1942, in the midst of an eight-year war between China and Japan. When he turned 18, China’s Great Famine started, killing an estimated 40 million people.

He joined the Army as a young cipher officer and requested permission to marry his true love.

Denied. The communist party stamped on his application after undergoing a month-long investigation.

Being rich was evil during China’s Cultural Revolution and since she was born in a rich family, the young lovers never had a chance.