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Sisterhood Sancturary of Love

*Please enjoy this heartfelt, touching poem from our guest blogger, Livia Nemeth*

Where can we find

and be the light?

Find wisdom and purpose?

Learn to share our voice


shamelessly and free?

These are the questions

many sisters may ask themselves

sisters across the world

from all Cultures, Colors and Backgrounds

before they reach

the Athena global sanctuary of sisters

Sisters that have crossed oceans and vast lands

nurtured families and others

only to forget who they were

they know it is time

to reclaim their

inner strength and

their endless feminine beauty

they seek a safe place to share

to be

a place of emotional healing,

support and peace

They are learning to overcome

wounds of judgement and abuse

learning to accept what was

write and share of what could become

Learning to express their fears, sorrows

their voice and hearts desires,

their dreams and precious gifts

They listen, write and share

inspire each other

collaborate together

At Athena Sisterhood they discover

they can just be themselves

nurture themselves

while being a shining light

for others.

In Athena Sisterhood I found a place

where I could feel safe to be me

to express my voice, my poetry

and my love for the world and humanity

and my love for all of you!

I discovered the beauty and brilliance of

love and support of every sister. I love you all!

Thank you WeiLi for starting this

beautiful sisterhood.

It has given me courage to share my light


~ Livia Nemeth


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