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*Please enjoy this meditative, inspirational piece from our guest blogger, Catherine Malli-Dawson*

Someday…I’ll get a puppy

Someday…I’ll make a best friend

Someday…I’ll kiss that boy

Someday… I’ll graduate

Someday…I’ll get that perfect job

Someday…I’ll have a child

Someday…I’ll marry the man of my dreams

Someday…I’ll live in a foreign country

Someday…I’ll drink champagne and dance under the Eiffel Tower like Ginger Rogers

Someday…I’ll climb Machu Picchu mountain and gaze upon its magnificent beauty, just like Hiram Bingham III

Someday… I’ll drift lazily down the Amazon river like Katharine Hepburn in ‘The African Queen’

Someday…I’ll travel to Thailand and explore sacred places and shop in a floating market

Someday…I’ll speak at a major event and impact millions of lives

Someday…I’ll live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth

Someday…I’ll have chickens (again)

Someday…I’ll have goats

Someday…I’ll be debt free

Someday…I’ll publish my books

Someday…I’ll quit my corporate job and really launch LifeWhys

Someday…I’ll sit quietly meditating and slip away onto my next grand adventure

Someday is my mantra, my to do list builder, my action plan maker.

Someday is always out there, until it becomes today, then yesterday, allowing the next someday to rise and be greeted with child-like wonder and excitement.

Let someday be your guide to what is possible.

~ Catherine Malli-Dawson

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Livia  Nemeth
Livia Nemeth
01 de set. de 2021

I love this piece chatherine! Love how you ended it "Let someday" be your guide to what is possible "

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