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What Choice Do I Have?

Saturday afternoon, after two amazing days of Athena’s Global Summit, Samuel and I went to the airport and picked up a Plat Brother. Saturday was his birthday. Norden helped Samuel with choosing a birthday cake while Serena and I devoted ourselves to support the summit. Looking at this Plat Brother standing in front of me, I could hardly imagine him growing up homeless on the street since he was five. His new book is coming out soon, sharing his life stories. But then I am not surprised, he is an amazing man who has lived an amazing life.

Just like when people look at me now, how would they ever guess what a lonely soul I was? I couldn’t tell my darkest secret that I carried since I was a child, not even to my husband of 20 years.

I think about this Plat Brother and his book, it is titled “Out of the Tunnel”. What would my book title be? The word SURRENDER keeps coming to me. Surrendering?

SOMETIMES I ASK MYSELF, could I really surrender? I know the answer is Yes! And that is the only way. The only way to find the truth, within me.

I chose the meditation “Turning Love inward” by Dr. Joe Dispenza for Athena’s 5 am club on Monday morning. Fill yourself up with love, be drawn to the wonder and majesty of the life you are living at this moment.

That morning after the mediation, a vision of writing my autobiography and going on a world book tour came to me. The vision of the future will be in this book. And after my River Cleanse with Sally on Monday morning, even more clarity came. This will only be the beginning of my life’s work.

So I left Athena’s Angels a long message sharing that I will be focusing on birthing this important book in the following months. I see it as a milestone in my life, a book of surrendering.

This book will be a gift to me, one woman’s struggle, and the triumph of surrendering in her life. By surrendering, she is finding peace and joy.

There are many dark moments that are raw and vulnerable. I have no doubt in my mind that it takes tremendous courage to write this book and I am ready.

I can see it clearly now, I am only given these challenges in life so I can be an instrument of the Divine. If you never tasted pain, how would you know what joy tastes like?

I also see this book as a gift that I must deliver to the world.

Why did God put this book in my head?

I have no idea.

I have a big vision that is very clear to me: Creating space for feminine leadership rising, having Athena Sisterhood all over the world.

How am I going to manifest this vision into reality? I have no idea.

So, other than surrender, what choices do I have?

So I got really still, filled my heart with love, and let these words flow through me onto the computer:

“You have gone through some stuff in life for a reason to prepare you. All you need to do now is just to surrender. I understand that it is scary to just let go. But my beautiful WeiLi, you know deep down this is the only way to live a fulfilled life with peace and ease. You have been shown evidence over and over again. When you surrender, miracles happen.

So I choose to surrender.




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