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What does SEXY mean to you?

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

I believe SEXUALITY is part of us and owning our sexuality is an act of EMPOWERMENT.

Before I attended “Date with Destiny” with Tony Robbins, I was so masculine, disconnected from my sensuality and sexuality. Not until I met Sheila Kelley, the founder of S Factor who was introduced by Tony to us at the Ultimate Relationship Platinum Partners trip in Hawaii, did my inner erotic Goddess power start to awaken.  Why did I become interested in teaching women? Because I desire for more women to own their POWERFUL sensuality and sexuality, and live in their radiance!  

One of my other teachers, Mama Gena’s (founder of the School of Womanly Arts) lifetime work is also about honoring our pleasure.  Our sexuality is not for men, it is for ourselves.

Let’s face it, our society has been largely controlled by men.  We are living in a patriarchal culture, feminine leadership is just rising!!!

That is why I am so passionate about building the Athena Sisterhood so both masculine and feminine can be celebrated equally. 

I am looking forward to the future mini-Goddess program so next-generation goddesses can learn at a young age! Just imagine, as we are starting this beautiful, feminine-empowering movement, we are passing the light to the next generation. What an impact we will make collectively!

What is sexy?

One of my teachers, Sheila Kelley, said there are five layers of sexy.

Plat lined, presentational, animated, emotional and soulful sexy. 

What is Sexy Radiance? It is the soulful sexy that we are talking about here.

Soulful sexy is when you have your life force turned on.  It is owning your power.  It is that power lets you walk into any room and just own it.

Before we talk more about sexy radiance, let’s talk about body offenses.  What are some of the things that actually take away sexy radiance?

‘No lady should sit like that, keep your legs closed,” we often hear.

And there are many offenses in our life that we probably don’t even realize.  But every bit will chip away at us and take that sexy radiance.

When I was in fifth grade, one day, the principal came to my home.  My parents and I were so nervous.  Ms. Principal opened the conversation with “WeiLi has not been following school rules.”  My parents were shocked.  

I was a straight-A student, top of the class. This was the first time they had heard anyone complaining about me not being obedient in school. And this was coming from the Principal, not just my teacher.

“She runs around on the playground with her hair down like a madwoman.” I don’t remember my principal’s name but I sure remember the look of disapproval on her face. She went on to say, “Girls must have their hair in a braid or ponytails at all-time in school.” 

I was having a great time playing with my friends at school,  when suddenly my rubber band broke and I just kept on running, without realizing that I was being watched….

Mom and dad apologized profusely like I had done something so dishonorable.

After the principal left, my mom took the scissors and cut my flowing long hair off!!! 

That was the first offense to my Goddess body, to my sexy radiance.

There were countless other offenses following this one. 

It was not until I was in my 40s, that I started to recognize the effect of these offenses, and embarked on a healing journey. 

In our society, male sexuality is celebrated and often female sexuality is frowned upon. 

When a man is showing off of his sexiness, society will glorify him. 

My son, who is going to be 11 in two weeks, sometimes will flex his muscles and you will hear him showered with praise. 

But when my daughter, who is a couple of years older did that, she was met with a frown from her grandparents…

Sexy Radiance is about completely and utterly accepting oneself.  Regardless of the increasing wrinkles on your face, the grey hair peeking out, the extra fat on your body. 

Don’t get me wrong, I am completely for self-care and exercise. What I am saying is that soulful sexy is the inner ownership of a woman’s soul.  When a confident woman chooses to voluntarily be vulnerable, that is sexy.  Emotionally sexy.

What is sexy? Sexy is not to be ashamed of the imperfections in our body and owning it instead.

Not for the purposes of drawing attention, but to stand with total confidence that you are a woman in strength and a Goddess in power.

Athena Sisterhood’s Mission is to create a safe place for global sisters to heal, grow and empower with grace. 

Have a Grand and Beautiful day.


WeiLi ❤️


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