What saved our marriage?

Updated: Jun 27

2011, home office

I walked into the office and sat in front of my computer. My desk was clean and neat.

Samuel was already there. I don't know when he stopped working last night. He had to wait until everyone was offline to run the database for billing. Beginning of the month was always the most stressful time for us.

Samuel’s U-shape executive desk was right next to mine and messy as usual. We had identical desks but the surfaces were polar opposites. His things were spread out, covering every inch of his desk like something had just blown up. How could he work like this? If we weren't married, I would fire him. It is useless to talk to him about organizing. I had tolerated it for 10 years.

I stared at my screen. I just answered all my emails last night but there were already a dozen new ones unread. It was barely 8:00 a.m.

“Serena’s sock has a hole.” Samuel told me.

“What?” I looked away from the computer.