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Writing Club Anniversary

You are an incubator for dreams.

In one year, a new identity formed, owned, treasured.

In one year, from a non-writer to a reader, and a writer. I see myself in a different light.

A year ago, before I chased, begged, and nagged Candie, Goddess of Courage, to start Athena’s Writing Club, there was an Athena’s Writing Genie program. Libby, our teacher, an established poet, asked us in the zoom classroom: “What is writing to you?” I was so surprised to hear various answers from Athena’s sisters, “writing is healing...writing is meditation...writing is therapy….”

Really? Wow!

“Writing is a duty. Writing is an obligation.” That was my answer. I felt the calling to write a book, but I also felt the burden and responsibility on my shoulders, as I have felt most of my life.

Life circumstances have forced me to grow up at the age of six. I have lived life in a fast lane for nearly 50 years. How can I lighten up?

Then I learned writing can’t be rushed or forced.

Every Thursday morning, I have a date with Athena’s writing sisters from different parts of the world, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic…

We have different backgrounds, Caucasian, Asian, Jamaican….

But our thoughts have so many similarities. We all believe in oneness, forgiveness, courage, love, and healing. Though we have different circles of influence, we all carry the same message. Love is the WAY.

Isn’t this what life is about? We live, we share, and we inspire.

Thank you Athena’s Writing Sisters, you all have inspired me.

One year later, now I see: Writing is a way of living.



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1 Comment

Etya Krichmar
Etya Krichmar
Jul 24, 2021

I love this piece, WeiLi, and I love each one of our writer sisters. I am so grateful that fate brought you and I together. Thank you so much for inviting me❤️

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