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Let Us Radiate Light

Completing my morning priming exercise with breathwork, gratitude and visualization, I opened my eyes and soaked in my beautiful backyard. The pink Christmas Cactus had just bloomed and butterflies spread their wings on rainbow colored flowers. The swimming pool water sparkled a vibrant blue. The mist from the mermaid fountain added a soft melody in the air. When I looked up at the sky, I gasped.

Clouds always fascinate me because they are forever changing—just like life itself—an ever flowing experience. The clouds had gathered into one big piece in the sky, looking like a smiling face speaking to me, “WeiLi. Keep up the good work, keep writing that book. You are meant to be Grand and Beautiful. You are meant to be the light and love for the world.”

I smiled and nodded as if I had heard an Angel's voice through the clouds. Ever since I received my Angel’s reading two and half years ago, I have often felt the presence of GuanYin in the sky. I felt guided.

“How do I appreciate the Divine Guidance in this moment even more?” I asked myself.

Then I received a message, Some of you came to Earth at this time to help with the ascendance of Earth. Now Earth is at a critical juncture. Many lightworkers and healers are called to show up and step up. Do you remember your life purpose?

“Yes, the purpose of my life is to radiate love and light, and share Grace with myself and others.”

To radiate is from inside to outside.You are light and love. All you need to do is turn on.

The Angels’ words resonated with my soul, “Have faith, WeiLi. We are watching over you. You are living a very blessed life. Just remember that, WeiLi. Everything else will follow.”

To answer, I recited my power virtues with a smile on my face and peace in my heart. “I am Faith. I am Love. I am Courage. I am Wisdom.”

I am grateful for this life. Let us all radiate our light to the lives of others.




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